Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 60

All lovers of classic Trance as well as fans of the Pet Shop Boys should try to get hold of a copy of Koolture's forthcoming single "Hearts", which flew in straight to our postbox from Argentinia recently. To be released on Eternal Sunday Records the CDM serves at least 10 - sic! - reworks by remixers like Sgoliat, Rome-based Sygma, Tecnoman SF and others, covering a musical spectrum from Trance via Progressive / Tribal House to SynthPop-influenced EuroDance, all well-produced and - due to the included Pet Shop Boys vocals - quite catchy, which means that they'll work well on mainstream-influenced dancefloors but also add a bit of extra spice to more underground flavored partys.

Tim Fiedler's "Mental Disorder" is 027 of Supersix Goodies , including three versions of the track "Take Your Pill", which - in its original version - combines mid-90's ClubHouse grooves and proper up-to-date minimalism whilst the remix by Nightnoise takes the whole thing to a harder, more technoid level and Sascha Müller's rework is on a mental psychedelic AcidTrance-tip.

Sascha Müller is as well responsible for 002 of Säurebad Records, which is his "Acid Junkfood E.P." - a two tracker holding the tracks "Acid Junkfood Pt.1" & "Acid Junkfood Pt.2", both paying respect to pure, jacking and 100% analogue Acid music. Timeless, and highly functional, stuff that'll rock dancefloors now and in future times as there's and will be nothing better than raw drum programming accompanied by bubbling, ever changing 303-lines when it comes to 4-2-the-floor based electronic dance music. Especially "Acid Junkfood Pt.2" sounds like it has been taken from Chicago's long lost archives and is a must have for sure.


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