Thursday, April 19, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 59

Hamburg based label Sunday Service have released Finn.'s "The Nays Will Have It" these days, a six track remix vinyl of his last album entitled "The Eyes Will Have It" accompanied by - at least the full release is - an 18 track bonus CD featuring even more reworks which is not included with the whitelabel that doesn't hold any additional info on remixers and producers. Anyway, as far as one can say it is a typical release for Sunday Service - stuck in the no man's land between fragile Singer / Songwriter IndiePop, foggy Electronica and the club's marching 4-2-the-floor dancefloor. Thus being in between aesthetics function as a kind of trademark for those who followed and loved the labels back catalogue since day one, but still make it difficult for either reviewers and retailers to fully recommend to or dissuade from purchasing their releases or - even worse - find a good place to store their releases in the shops shelves.

May 7th sees the release of Alphacut Records' 006, a triple-split 12" of MZE, Martsman and Nalpas. A1 sees MZE calling for "Blut", which is - once again - a massive rave stomper on the more chopped up side of Drum'n'Bass. Fat stabs and oldskool'ish rave sounds plus a dark vocal sample are responsible for a serious brockout on the dancefloor, even though the beats are tricky and it takes a bit until one is able to ride the groove properly. Nalpas short'ish tunes "OE Part 1" and "OE Part 2" can be seen as additional experiments in fusing Film Noir'esque athmospheres and fucked up Drill'n'Bass / Jungle instead, whilst Martsman's "Jump Funk" is - as the tunes name already suggests - a tight mixture of serious Drumfunk/Choppage business and Aphrodite's wobbly bassline of back in the days JumpUp tunes.

As well scheduled for May is 026 of Breakbeat Science by Mutt, who's serving his tunes "Advance Money" and "Training Suite" here. First named is an easy Jungle-flavored tunes based upon a classic breakbeat and a laidback riff that seems to have an almost balearic touch on it - defo recommended to all those addicted to Jungle / Drum'n'Bass since day one. "Training Suite" is ultra-minimalistic instead starting with a Dancehall-like bassdrum figure providing a kind of anti funk-groove when the first snares appear. But after a short break everythings in order again, the two steppy beats seem on a jumpy tip and the bassline floats like it has been recorded under water on a soft and easy summers day. De facto a release that stands far out of the average bulk of Drum'n'Bass 12" delivered to yr local shop these days, so cop that if yr looking for something special.


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