Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Longplay love 49.0

April 27th sees the release of "Inside The Difference Engine", which is the new album of End Of Level Boss, scheduled on the infamous Exile On Mainstream-imprint. Stuck between Metal, melodic Hardcore and Stoner-/Psychedelic-influences plus a bit of Street-/SkateMetal as well the band provides a massive, heavy bunch of 8 tracks here which undoubtedly sound unique with their nerve shuttering, grinding riffs that do perfectly fit to situations when one goes through his darkest hours - lonely, alienated, sad and stone cold, a world collapsing. If it'd be autumn right now the term "suicidal" would be a perfect description. Purchase.

Phonique's new album "Good Idea" is about to be released via Dessous Recordings later this spring, which seems to be his most mainstream fitting work so far. At the same miles away from "going Pop" he perfectly fuses sweet vocal tunes voiced by the likes of Liora, Data MC, Mary Hype, Erlend Oye and others , influences from BrokenHouse, (Westlondon) Phusion and NeoSoul with DeepHouse-related balearic vibes on CD 1, wandering the thin line between lounge and dancefloor - serving a cool, laid back album that'll be on heavy rotation throughout this summer. In opposite to this CD 2, only available as limited edition Bonus CD, features an exclusive DJ-mix by Phonique himself, taking care of his more club-flavored, dancefloor-orientated tracks of late including his excellent banger "John" bringing in a bit of late nite vibez while serving a musical range from DeepHouse via NeoDetroit'ish tunes to Minimal of today. Defo one to check out - not only for lovers of Dessous Recordings recent releases but as well for those looking for an album that builds a bridge between pre-clubbing and primetime "rave" affairs.

Minorlabel have put out their 23rd release recently, which is a 16 track Various Artists compilation under the name of "Minority". With artists like triPhaze, Jakin Boaz, Tremor, LXC, Orchha, The Tleilaxu Music Machine and several others under its roof, this compilation mainly deals with styles like Dark Ambient, Experimental Electronics and more Rhythm Industrial'esque stuff for late night listening experiences. Dark sci-fi athmopsheres, alienated sound experiments, static & surface noise, psyched out frequencies and buzzing feedbacks are all to be found here and defo enjoyable for a musically trained expert used to styles like Illbient or whatever one might name it. Check.


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