Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 24

"Pressure", the new 12" of Belly feat. Ginuwine has been put out on promo by CP Records not so long ago and is to be filed under kitsch-loaden HipHop vs. DigiSoul that'll make it on mainstream radio for sure but is a bit too Pop when it comes to my personal taste. On the flip we've got "Stomp On 'Em" which is the better shot due to to a rough, electroid synth-melody backing the tune but still the tracks remains on an average level and does not stick out of the loads of tunes released each week.

Akon's next single "Don't Matter", taken from his latest album named "Konvict", has seen promo release on Universal Motown lately and it seems like he is about to fuse DigiSoul and laid back (Sunhine)Reggae with this tune that is only meant to touch the hearts of underage girls fallen for their classmate for the first time. So forget the vocal version and stick to the instrumental cut if you're a serious jock and not necissarily playing teenage birthday parties. "Shake Down" on the flip does better here, coze it's more anthemic but in the end of the day will end up with a short half-life and won't stick in DJ's cases for a long time.

Promotional copies of Rihanna's new 12" "Umbrella" featuring Jay-Z have been released by Syndicate Rhythm / DefJam this week which proves that Rihanna aims for nothing less than major RadioPop business leaving her individual DigiSoul / R'n'B-approach behind and tends to step into songwriting instead. Nothing wrong with that but defo not my cup of tea anymore...


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