Friday, May 25, 2007

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 25

50 Cent has a new single scheduled on Eminem's very own Shady Records-imprint under the name of "Straight To The Bank", taken from his forthcoming album to be released on June 19th. Beats are on an average standard and lyrics about how much dough he's got are getting a bit boring recently. New ideas, please.

Hamburgs Temmyton sees the release of her debut-album "Komma aufn Punkt" , which is afaik the first ever HipHop album coming from a Hamburg-based female rapper, via Schmuf Hamburg on 9th of june, serving 20 tunes ranging from massive party bangers like "Ich Komm Zu Dir" to NeoSoul-flavored ballads like "Ballad". Most of them beats, either HipHop-like or Reggae-/Dancehall-flavored, are provided by her labelmate Bo Flower which as well is featured as guest vocalist on three songs - further artists featured are Sleepwalker, Siafa, Selma Montana amongst others - on which Temmyton spits & sings lyrics with ingredients covering biz chat, love and a whole lot of social criticism and political statements, but avoids - unlike many contemporary HipHop-artists - any kind of beef neither she fronts any other rapper. In spite of this she spreads 100% positive vibrations with her absolute self consciousness, fixed on CD and even more when live on stage. Check out the album snippet on myspace and make sure to attend one of Temmy's shows throughout Germany, even if u're not a native speaker you'll get her for sure...

Prayce's "Feel Good" is now available on promo circuit via Zeitgeist / Universal in it's Original Extended Version plus remixes by the Vibekingz, apart from the remix 12" we reviewed not that long ago. No doubt that this one is about to pull the ladies on the dancefloor in more commercial R'n'B-/DigiSoul- or what they call BlackMusic-like - at least in Germany they do that - places due to its ultra-positive attitude and booming 808-drums this might also get some major radio airplay as well. If you're into the most underground stuff around keep yr hands off this one, but if you can stand a bit of cheese & happiness you might well get the point of what "Feel Good" - mind the name - is all about.


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