Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Longplay love 51.0

AvantRock outfit Tomahawk are about to release their third longplay album under the name of "Anonymous" via Ipecac on june 22nd, fusing down-to-earth Southern Rock and vocals consisting of highly intense, translated native american chants. Those - often taken out of an religious, ceremonial or war-related context - are energetic, hypnotic even due to their repetitive character and, although accompanied by recent music of todays taste, still do not lose their ancient fascination and character, transforming the whole length listening experience into a connection to long lost rituals, forgotten strengths and myths leading back to the beginning of time, without exploring the so-called field of "New Age" or "World Music". Very fascinating indeed and recommended for a check in yr local records tore.

Tim Holland, better known as Sole to many, sees the release of his album "Poly.sci. 187" under his other moniker Mansbestfriend via Anticon. in mid-june. Serving 16 sketch of a length variety between 0:52 and 4:09 minutes the album explores the genres of Instrumental Leftfield HipHop, No-Field Electronics and foggy Electronica, which sometimes seems to refer to the likes of Boards Of Canada. Shattered beats and harmonies are to be found as well as more ambient'ish structures, so the listening experience delivered is a quite diversified one although not outstanding. A good one for those still meant to discover Electronica as a genre as such but those who are experienced might find better, more thrilling albums to add to their personal collection.

Aerotrio are about to release their new, self-titled album as cat.no. 031 of Pharmacom Records, a collection of at least 10 tracks to be filed under the flag of (Nu)Jazz with a touch a of easy brazilian flava. Well fitting for so-called lounge environments and classy hotel bars it might be that Aerotrio do not touch the heart of the average electronic music lover, but those who do appreciate a piece of calm & relaxed athmosphere will undoubtedly be up for their sound.


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