Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Longplay love 52.0

Wolfgang Raspe's new longplayer named "DJ Kicks" has been released as cat.no. 029 of Supersix Goodies, a ten tracks collection that is clearly influenced by the sound of uptempo Detroit as the likes of Mr. Jeff Mills or Gary Martin amongst others provide. All tracks serve an analogue kind of energy featuring crude, uncut percussion works and raw sound aesthetics like all tracks have been live recorded on tape and, after that, directly fixed on this disc without any additional mastering. Those who've been addicted to Techno since the very beginning of this movement surely will love that, others might be a bit astounded.

As it seems to be tres chic to use the prefix "post" to define musical genres let's use a mixture of PostWave, PostPunk, PostSynthPop, PostWhatever for The Dance Inc.'s new LP "Legs And Arms" which has seen release on Audiolith not that long ago. Apart from new versions of their well-known and appreciated tracks "Catpurr" and "Looking Like That" - last mentioned astoundingly even better than the original version - there's another bunch of nine tunes that'll perfectly fill the gap between club floor, Indie-discotheque and a Pop'ish attitude that might even generate some radio airplay without adapting to any mainstream conventions at all. Blueprint of what's the meaning of quality Pop in 2007.

Ipecac Recordings are about to relase Qui's new album "Love's Miracle" on August 31st, serving a kind of anti-groovish blend of Punk-, Metal-, Rock- and Noise-influences in a total bunch of nine tracks ready to irritate ears with their awkwardly shaped high voltage structures. A drumset that seems to run against the grain, distorted guitar trickery and despaired vocals somewhat between earth-bound, whiskey-driven Southern Rock-attitude and drugged out insanity are the main ingredients to this piece of avantgarde music that eludes itself from any rating as it is too artsy and special to be judged upon.


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