Saturday, August 25, 2007

baze.djunkiii @ / 04.12.2005, pt.1

As there were quite a few requests regarding a Dubstep-related mix of mine throughout the last weeks, I just decided to make a classic set available for at least a few days. As a few of u might know there's been a nearly 3.5 hours Dubstep-/Grime-/Urban-related show at in december of 2005, which might be regarded one of the first webradio-shows broadcasted directly from Hamburg when it comes to these styles. Although the mixing is ruff due to technical difficulties regarding studio equipment and acoustics plus there are a few rapid changes and hard cuts stylewise it might be interesting especially for those who entered the realm of Dubstep / Grime only recently without knowöedge of what was going on soundwise back in the days. The show has been cut into three pieces - part 1 is available here...


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