Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Longplay love 53.0

Hamburg based label Sunday Service are about to release their 13th piece on September 19th which'll be the longplayer "Riemerling" by Me Succeeds, an eleven track LP stuck between deep sensual Indie melancholia and decent, dancefloor fitting electronic beats replacing the classic band drumset - a musical niche that was single-handedly built and filled by the Sunday Service-imprint and has not been imitated by bandwagon jumpers yet for whatever reason. File under: music for living rooms of defected Indie kids now appreciating a proper E'd up club night out.

Scheduled for October 13th is "Raw", the first official artist album of the production team named Dirt Crew, which is to be released on their own Dirt Crew Recordings-imprint and holds nine brand new tracks plus an additional disc including nine remixes the boys delivered for acts like Freestyle Man, 2020 Soundsystem, Jimpster and others. Stuck between House-flavored Minimalism, some retro'ish Italo'esque influences and a deep, TechHouse-driven attitude that keeps the crowd moving all night long the Dirt Crew-sound is unique and functional, latter without even thinking of any compromise and due to that recommended to all musical connaisseurs and CDJ's as well as all tunes are featured in an unmixed and dj-friendly format. Ask yr local dealer to hunt this one down for u.

Hanska, Minnesota-based outfit A Whisper In the Noise have thir third full-length album "Dry Land" scheduled for release on October 5th via the highly acclaimed Exile On Mainstream label, a deep, caressing mixture of Indie Pop and Rock-elements fondly embracing West Thordon's athmospheric piano lines, electronic soundscapes and - for this kind of music - unusual instrumentation as there are violin, french-horn and other sound sources involved, which, combined as a whole, result in an unagitated piece of musical art, timeless and built to stand the test of time anyway, ready to soundtrack upcoming autumn evenings with pure beauty.


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