Saturday, September 22, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 73

Robert Babicz' "PingPong In Moonlight" is to be released as 025 of Audiomatique Recordings these days, a double A-sided 12" featuring the tracks "PingPong In Moonlight" and "Hope", both proving Mr. Babicz' ability to rock minimalist dancefloors as well to those who know and love him for his 303-induced output under his better known Rob Acid-moniker. Techy, athmospheric in a darker way and driven by a kind of urban, industrial melancholia that is to be found at night in abandoned warehouse areas both tracks are about to stick in DJ's boxes for a while although they do not have that instant hit feeling sticking like glue on them but have to be introduced to clubbers by regular use, maybe even twice a night, and after a while the crowd will appreciate and respond to what they get served. Be patient - just wait and see.

Hamburg-based Solomun a.k.a. DJ Play sees the release of his first 12" on Dessous Recordings soon. His two tracker is named "Sambada E.P." as a combination of the included tracks titles which are "Samba" and "Lambada" as one might guess. Genre-wise this release has to be filed as DeepHouse without a doubt but is well-influenced by warm percussion grooves referring to South American summer spirits and working well on any kind of balearic terrace floor or - if you prefer indoor clubbing - small red'ish kinda underground venue.

Quite a suprise when it comes to music and genre is 088 of Poker Flat Recordings, a collaboration of label honcho Steve Bug & DJ Cle, which is half of the Märtini Brös. , named "Silicon Ballet E.P.". Might have been a Dessous Recordings-release as well as both tracks are based upon deep chords and warm sounds, not exactly what one might call DeepHouse but Deep Techno instead, a stripped down vision focusing exactly on clubbers needs and still less techy as the usual Poker Flat-release one might come across regularly, especially talking "Iron Daily" here featured on side A but as flipsides "Behind The Curtains" starts out with an epic intro featuring slightly echoing chords and a build-up that seems to last for ages one might guess that these words are spoken true for this track as well. 021 of Supersix Records is Mr. Pit's "Dancing Through the Space", which is about to work well with those jocks still spreading a kind of 94-flavored epic HardTrance spirit in their sets as this tune holds a bit more of retro'ish vibes, while Sascha Müller's remix transforms "Dancing Through The Space" into a halftime Electro vs. Downtempo one.

MemoPlay's "UKW" has been put out as 032 of Supersix Goodies recently, taking care of the hard, experimental side of Techno, melting short wave interference bleeps and a simplistic Rave hook accompanied by nothing but hard-as-fuck bassdrums into a tune that might be described as close to Gabba / Hardcore of the old skool - talkin' early 90s here. No matter which version of three delivered, intellectuals and eggheads are recommended to leave this one alone, but if you're up for a proper night out including loads of fun, pills and dancing your ass off this is your tune. Spell: P-A-R-T-Y!


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