Monday, September 24, 2007

Longplay love 54.0

"A Dark Wave From The Black Sea" is the title of the forthcoming 005 on the well-appreciated Exil-System imprint, a fourteen track various artists compilation focusing on electronic music produced in countries around and close to the Black Sea like Romania, Georgia and others. Artists as different as Masstyk, Mihai Popoviciu, Aeronautica, Sun40 and others share the same vision and serve a menu of mostly 4-to-the-floor-based music, influenced by classical Electro-sounds, a bit of Minimal Techno, Drexciya'esque arrangements and athmosphere plus - as it seems - appreciation for all of the Clone/Viewlexx-crew and their blueprint of (Neo) ItaloDisco, which makes this one quite essential for lovers of high quality club music. All tracks are a pleasure to dance to plus they're complex and musically interesting enough to enjoy throughout homelistening sessions in yr armchair as well. Go and get "A Dark Wave From The Black Sea" before it will be flying off the shelves quickly after its day of release set for october 15th.

All those being into the more commercial vibe of Electro- / TechHouse will highly appreciate Malente's forthcoming 2CD-album "Whow" which is announced for october 26th via Unique Records. While CD1 features a nineteen-track, full on DJ-mix including usual suspects like Claude von Stroke, Zero Cash, Eyerer & Chopstick alongside a few of Malente's own productions and other tracks, CD2 is a dj-friendly, unmixed collection of remixes Malente has provided for artists as Turntable Rockers, Louie Austen, Bob Sinclair and the likes of. The whole thingy includes a bunch of unreleased mixes and re-edits, a few of them crafted exclusively for this piece that'll surely find its way into the regular clubbers collection of music.

Sascha Müller's "Acid In Love Vol. 2" is the recent longplay release on his very own imprint Super Six Records, which is home to a bunch of eight stunning tracks serving nothing less than purest analogue Acid at its best. Minimalistic, raw, wild and thrilling like digital production never happened and due to this an absolute must have for all lovers of tweeking 303 excess.


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