Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 70

German imprint Intransigent Recordings have their 011 to hit the stores soon - a split release of Bad Matter & Scary's "Fujiko" and Nanotek's "The Vengeful". Reliable as they are both tracks provide a high standard set in what is the darker side of Drum'n'Bass today, serving proper beat madness and destruction alongside doom'ish athmospheres and well-chosen sample snippets adding an extra bit to each tune. But still they're - opposite to the time when the label was established - only one player in this field today instead of being its leader which is a pity somehow as they've once been the source of the darkest, most insane Drum'n'Bass with unforgotten tunes as "Steck Der Zeiten" or "Schwarze Puppen".

Yapacc & Dr. Walker's project Helden Der Revolution have released their new track "I Am Here" on Nasty Wax recently, which is dancing on the borders of deep hypnotic Techno, DubHouse and some quite trancey influences plus additional dreamy vocals provided by Mary S Applegate. Although this mixture sounds a bit retro'ish like taken from the heyday of quality Trance in '93/'94 before this sound was flooded with drumrolls and bullshit appreggio's it's still good to hear music like this out on the dancefloor that'll raise hands just in the second before sundawn. Remixes are provided by the likes of DJ Kaine, who adds a more driving, pumping, club-related touch that might have been called HardHouse back in the days to the tune whilst Cologne's DJ Pierce seems to be on an anthemic TechTrance-tip and adds a huge - well: huge and massive! - bassline monster that is about to blow yr speakers immediately. Killer!

October 12th sees the release of Suicide Booth's "Aura E.P." which is scheduled as 009 of the beloved imprint Das Drehmoment. Filed stylewise as Robotic Space Disco in the promo sheet there are four tracks plus an additional remix of "Rendezvous" to be found here stuck in between the genre categorizations of Electro, (Neo) ItaloDisco, B-Movie Soundtracks, Cosmic and the musical circuit of labels like Clone, Viewlexx or Bunker in regards to their very own and individual interpretation of electronic dance music. Although these might only attract a smaller, specialist audience one might expect enthusiastic dancefloor reactions if Suicide Booth's tracks are played out in the right context, which means tiny underground clubs and venues attended by regulars here. Watch out for a special edition of 100 copies pressed onto clear red vinyl as well if your not only a DJ but record collector as well.


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