Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sundays: "JOUR FIX" @ Neue Heimat / Hamburg

After several discussions with some of my visual / music artist friends and other nice & creative people I usually meet throughout long nights in Hamburg city it became quite clear that there's a point missing where and when one is able to meet eachother at daytime, for a nice chat, to socialise, network and exchange of ideas, a point of open minded discussion, inspiration and creativity which might - but not necessarily must - lead to future joint venture projects, no matter if it's music / visuals / art / events or a combined form of the named.

As the place to be we basically agreed upon the bar / cafe Neue Heimat due to obvious reasons as u know at least some members of the club, the usual suspects, where we all or partly will team up regularly on sundays 5 P.M. for our so-called "JOUR FIX" from now on.

Feel free to join the team, all nice and easy ppl are well welcome.


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