Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 20

Denmark-based Dubstep-imprint Kraken Recordings are hitting dancefloors with their second output - a split 12" between Ruf and Scandalous Unltd. . While Ruf's "Raw Love" comes up with a unseen fusion of heavy Dubstep artillery, short R'n'G-ish female vox-snippets and a mid-90's HardTrance-induced (sic!) appreggio hookline that instantly sets floors on fire, Scandalous Unltd.'s "The Solution" runs tings with a bleepy, warped sci-fi basslines, psyched out vocals samples and hard-hitting hi-tek drums that are defo Dubstep but still paying respect to their UK Garage-roots - at least kind of. One to buy blindfolded.

DMZ have put out 012 these days, featuring another two tracks - "Lean Forward" and "Learn" - by Mala, who explores further territory in between rootsy Dubstep and more TechnoJazz-flavored sounds here. "Lean Forward" starts out as slow, deep sub-bass driven tune with some spooky, kind of whistling sounds on top but develops into a percussive, double-time burner later on accompanied by a strong signal hook that might be described as HiTech Jazz. "Learn" on the flip introduces a Snare vs. HiHat-intro that somehow seems to run and shuffle out of time throughout its progress, drops into the kicking "Why Haven't You Learned Anything?"-sample and goes on as halftime tune that - as "Lean Forward" does as well - sticks out by its unique HiTech Jazz-flavored hook that perfectly transfers the urban melancholia of late 80s Detroit Techno into the Dubstep vibe of inner city London of today. Great.

Rossi B & Luca's "Legacy E.P." is 003 of Heavy Artillery, a massive four tracker that'll make it into the boxes of Dubstep- as well as Grime-jocks. Two outstanding tunes are A1 track "Nobody Knows" taking care of classic vocal snippets that have been used in Jungle and UK Garage as well and stylewise is close to what is regarded as roots-flavored Dub and B1 "Optimus Prime", a stakkato Grime banger featuring an artillery of samples that seem to be taken off a classical orchestra and due to that add a quite special feel to the tunes sound. Don't miss.


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