Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 75

Radioguagua Soundsystem's "Yo Vine Pa Ver" is 034 of Pharmacom Records, fusing some Breakbeat / Drum'n'Bass-influences and kinda Latin / South American sounds with a basic flava that might be described as Easy Listening / Exotica within a whole of six tracks. Very sweet this is - a bit like musical candy.

Label head Sascha Müller comes up with his two tracker named "Jazzistic" on Pharmacom Records, a two part piece that very refers to what is known as Free Jazz but performing this via electronic music production methods and not live. Very chopped up and sophisticated somehow.

Take Two's "Once Upon A Time E.P." is released as 035 of Super Six Goodies these days, providing four tracks of high quality, slightly tribalistic, percussive Techno that'll defo work the dancefloor crowd right and is recommended to all those well loving Oliver Ho's work on his own label Meta.


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