Friday, November 02, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 77

A fun thing from a novelty record point of view is a one-sided ElectroHouse promo that's on the circuit these days under the name of "Die Mit Dem Roten Halsband". Not released under the banner of any official label this one made me laughing my head of while listening to it first time as it bootlegs an ultra-trashy porn movie add in german language, melting it with functional, kinda commercial ElectroHouse-sounds. Not to be taken seriously but quoting "Dieser Film ist eine explosive Porno-Atombombe" might get you an idea about how funny this one is.

More funny music is to be found on "Fuck You (I'm In Love)", which is Sin With Sebastian's new single to be released via Lipstick Confusion Records these days. Some will remember them as one hit wonder that brought "Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)" to the worlds EuroDance-floors in 1995 but it seems like they're back inna kind of trashy Indie meets Dance-mood, they even feature a remix by Plemo of Audiolith-fame which is kinda cool to do, though. A new album is scheduled for spring of 2008 and their uber-smash "Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)" is to be found on this release as well. Time will tell if they can stand the test...

Quite a surprise is Paul Van Dyk's new single "Let Go" featuring Rea Garvey on vocal duties, due to be released on November 30th and on promo circuit these days. Although it's clearly focused on what we know as melodic Trance in all four featured versions some basslines are similar to what Mr. Thomas P. Heckmann once defined as "knarz" and there's even two mixes that can be described as TechHouse-related. Not exactly what I expected this one to be, but I haven't followed PvD's work for a while so that mustn't mean a thing...


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