Sunday, November 04, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 78

Tomas Haas' "Track and Loops Vol. 2" is 036 of Super 6 Goodies and to be filed under the flag of stomping, experimental Techno - similar to some early releases on Hamburg's Ladomat 2000 imprint throughout the mid 90's. Bleepy fun stuff for advanced dancefloors though, featuring one full track plus 4 .wav-files to play around for all producers and digital jocks.

"The Whereabouts Of 97" is about to be released these days on Alphacute Records, a Various Artists split-7" between Alphacut Records and Cold Coffein Addict featuring a whole of five - sic!!! - tracks by the likes of Drop The Lime , Nalpas, Mimaku Spldat, Amboss and CPU War which are about to be loved by all DarkJungle- & Breakcore-addicts although the matrix etching talks about sth. like Drum'n'Bass 2.0. Defo make sure to check out Amboss feat. Corrupted Files "Ausbruch" as it seems to be the most dancefloor functional and crowd rockin' tune on this cutie.

Alphacut Records sees the release of its 007 soon, a triple split of Alpha Omega, Sumone and label head honcho LXC, dedicated to the more experimental side of dubwise Halfstep Drum'n'Bass - a style that has been promoted by the likes of Amit throughout the last two years. Alpha Omega's tune "Concrete Pillows" is a true roller based on bassdrum triplets and cold futuristic sounds, free from hi-hats or snares and scary as scary can be. On the flip we've got Sumone's "Rhythm Machine" fusing his definition of Halfstep with mystical voices, ritual tabla riddims and a deep as fuck, warm analogue bassline that'll work pretty well with all fans of swedish producer Seba whilst LXC's "Lock In" transfers his understanding of what halfspeed stuff means into the realms of Electronica / Glitch / Drill'n'Bass. Limited to 777 copies worldwide, so make sure to grab yours quickly.


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