Sunday, November 18, 2007

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 30

Put on the promo circuit via ColliPark Music / Interscope is Soulja Boy's new 12" named "Crank That", which has to be flagged under the term of Minimal Reggaeton vs. Baile Funk. Sick shit, that is based upon a sparse riddim and some ravey sounds plus shout-a-long vocals that are able to crank every mutha on the floor. Big.

Jay-Z's new album "American Gangster" hits the stores on November 5th and the first 12" taken off it is "Blue Magic" which has been released as promo on clear blue vinyl via Roc-A-Fella Records shortly. Beats are made for club floors and it seems like ravey stabs are en vogue again - the ones used here seem to be taken directly out of a 1991 Tekno tune... Nice and stripped down, check out.

Common’s new 12“ single „I Want You“, taken off his album „ Finding Forever“, has been put on promo circuit via Geffen Records these days. on production duties delivers a simple, smooth and laid back beat that functions well for old skoolers as well as in a Freestyle / Downtempo context that is not necessarily related to HipHop at all. Defo a proper one that will be loved by many DJ’s and – no matter if as full vocal version or instrumental – stick in their bags for ages.


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