Sunday, November 04, 2007

Longplay love 56.0

Flensburg-based DJ and producer Nightnoise comes with his eight track album "Taxi Drive" on Super 6 Records these days, which reveals his view on how straightforward Techno should sound these days. Quite tool'ish and functional but always spiced with some slightly ravey sounds, cool sci-fi athmopsheres or Detroit references - excellent stuff for 4 a.m. slots that'll hype the crowd well. Good work, boy...

Roger Armstrong's project LaptopAcidExperience is about to release its "Live Set 2" as 004 of Säurebad Records, a non-stop 50 minutes journey into the realms of digital Acid and AcidTrance that features a loads of bleepy, but cloned 303-lines that might rule ok for the younger generation but sound a bit too clean and calculated for those who experienced the real Acid craze in the 90s. 025 of Super 6 Records is Binaural Beats Projec't's "Uplink E.P.", which is serving a bunch of twelve tracks genrewise stuck between what might be flagged as Intelligent Techno, some Psy-influences and quality club-flavored Techno from the mid-90's, when things where more experimental, dancefloor audiences open minded and not necessarily focused on only one subgenre of electronic music. Defo a good album.


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