Monday, December 24, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 81

Kevin Yost a.k.a. Nivek Tsoy is responsible for 077 of Dessous Recordings, which is to be released under the name of "From Parts Unknown E.P." . All three tracks featured - "Time & Space", "New Edison" and "New Galaxy Love" - deliver an excellent combination of deep, house flavored vibes and an hypnotic approach of what me defined as Armchair Techno, stuff that perfectly works in smaller, more sophisticated club environments as well as for homelistening pleasure. Check this one out for sure, you'll hardly find a record timeless like this one around and due to this fact the "From Parts Unknown E.P." is yet to be filed as future classic.

Ashtar DXD's new 12" "Bang Bang Bang Da Moneymachine" has been released as 006 of the crypticly named haRT?de.FAKte-imprint recently, a quite avantgarde amalgamation of styles which are to be named as Breakcore and Industrial here, including some Noise- and DarkJungle-flavours as well. Dark and heavy as fuck and even more impressive if performed live as three out of four tracks include vocals of a political nature and that of course adds a punk'ish attitude rarely found these days. But all those being into genres as Experimental or (No) Wave, PostPunk or even the former Ingenious Dilletantes-movement might take a glimpse as well as those tracks might touch your heart due to a bit of LoFi- / DIY-attitude.

The former release of Ashtar DXD, a split release with Noize Punishment, was put out via haRT?de.FAKte as well and is on a much heavier tip. While Noize Punishment fuses the likes of PunkRock and raw, unformatted Breakcore to a certain extend and adds various psyched out samples to this mixture, Ashtar DXD - although they use vocals as well - stick to a straight uncomprominsing Breakcore-attitude and do not cross over to other genres.

ItaloDisco rules ok - now and ever! DJ Overdose recently released the single "Take Me Home" under his Dream Disco-moniker recently on Das Drehmoment and delivers a top notch, up-to-date blueprint of this beloved genre. Sing-a-long chorus, kitsch-loaden synth-sounds and electroid beats are the main ingredients of this uber-hit that perfectly fits in between idols like long gone Hypnosis and more commercial "Hot Girl"-Sabrina. On the flip of this excellent track we find "In Your Eyes" , another nice workout which is remixed by DJ Technician of Bunker-/Clone-fame and Speculator. Defo a must have!


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