Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 80

Tokyo-based Ryo Murakami is about to see his first full release on Dessous Recordings very soon after being featured on the recent „Dessous’ Best Kept Secrets“-compilation. Whilst the title track „Rise“ rolls out a deep, but still quite techy dancefloor-focused attack of the functional kind, the remix work delivered by the swedish duo Bangana on B1 takes another direction. Coming up with an epic mixture of Detroit-influences – remember Transmat and the likes of – and a bit of NeoTrance-vibes this one is gonna be a massive hit without a doubt. Finally B2 is Murakami’s „Monument“, which is techy and functional as well but on a darker, quite dangerous trip when it comes to athmospheres.

Steve Bug is back on track with a new double A-sided 12“ on his own Poker Flat Recordings imprint named „ A World Without / Cru Sauvage“. „A World Without“ on the labels’ 091 represents the straight pumping, in-yer-face side of Mr. Bug who builds up tension to the max, using a seductive and hypnotic vocal sample and a bit of acidic high-energy madness. „Cru Sauvage“ on the flip presents a hyper-functional, bubbly bassline that is more Techno than anything else Steve Bug came up with throughout the last years and finally sets dancefloors on fire when the noise gates are opened shortly before a few House references are flickering through. Top notch.

.Shadybrain is about to release its third 12“ these days featuring two tracks by N.Phect – „The Sphere“ & „Ultraviolet“, both perfectly representing what the .Shadybrain-vibe is all about. Straightforward, technoid Drum’n’Bass tools of the darker kind, meant to cause a serious brock-out when played out. No more words necessary as all of u headz out there know what we’re talking here.


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