Monday, December 03, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 79

Does anyone remember Desireless, that SynthPop outfit dominating 1986s charts with their massive single „Voyage Voyage“? Their greatest hit has now been covered by Belgium-based Kate Ryan on Zeitgeist / Universal, which carefully transfers the whole song into an uplifting Trance-flavored context that’ll surely work the crowd on the dancefloor without crossing the thin line between being commercial and being cheesy. Well done.

Moonbootique Records is coming up with ist 29th release these days – Ante Perry vs. Tube & Berger’s double A-side „Jetstream / Affentanz“. While „Jetstream“ is a nice mixture of ElectroHouse and NeoTrance-vibes which might well fit into what Umek describes as AstroDisco when it comes to his own productions, „Affentanz“ is on a more minimalistic, tech-housey Tipp, introducing a special kind of funk vibe to the audience as well as puzzling tripped out brains with some unprocessed ape sounds. One of the best Moonbootique releases ever, so check this one out.

Maik Loewen’s „Even If You Sleep E.P.“ is 003 of Poker Flat White, moving dancefloors with three nice and deep workouts somewhere between late night Minimal Techno and more techy DeepHouse which will stick like glue in DJ’s cases due to their timeless approach and basic functionality. Works perfectly for smooth warm-ups as well as when a long night out comes to an end.


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