Thursday, January 24, 2008

Parts in the post, pt. 83

Martin Landsky's "Man High" is 092 of Poker Flat Recordings, a stunning three tracker that perfectly combines a typical jack-attitude and the deep, hypnotic approach of Minimal Techno. Especially the title track "Man High" is an anthem as some short but epic string sounds bring all hands up while the bassline spreads a funky, positive vibe. Quite powerful, this one is and surely meant to stick in my box for ages. "Cold Eyes (Version 2)" and "Rugged" are to be found on the flipside, the first one riding on what might be named an Intelligent Techno vibe whilst the last mentioned is another jacking tool.

March 28th sees the release of the new Torpedoboyz 12"-single "The Disco Song" via Muto Records, which is the labels 011. The track itself, available in four different versions and mixes here, seems a bit cheesy to me as it - ironically? - refers to quite commercial and easy listening DiscoHouse, a style that should be left alone for its own good in my opinion. But as there still is a scene for that kind of sound I guess this one is to move a wider audience than any of their former releases and introduce the Torpedoboyz to a new dancefloor crowd.

It has been a while since Vincenzo delivered a release via Dessous Recordings but now he's back on track with the labels 078 - a double A side 12" featuring "The Resident (Vinyl Edit)" and "The Shadow People" on the flip. Both tracks come up with a bit of anthemic, quite (Neo)Trance-vibe and will perfectly match with what has been released on labels like the highly appreciated Rebel One recently or Donnacha Costello's colour series on his very own Minimise-imprint in 2004. So if you're into these, make sure you don't miss Vincenzo's latest shot.

London-based Dan Berkson & James What are responsible for Poker Flat Recordings 093, that includes the tracks "Reflections" on the A- and "Onika" on the B-side. "Reflections" is a raw, puristic piece of Minimal, Chicago-influenced, House music that features the legendary Robert Owens on vocal duties, whispering hypnotically on top of this future classic, sending shivers down your spine. "Onika" keeps up upon the same raw vibe, but works out over a sorta Moroder-sounding bassline loop that brings back the good old "French Kiss"-vibes, combining them with an attitude of new school.


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