Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Appleblim & Peverelist – Circling / Over Here [Skull Disco 008 Promo]

For sure one of the hottest, freshest and most upfront collabos in Dubstep and related styles these days is this attack of combined forces on the beloved Skull Disco-imprint. Whilst „Circling“ can be described as a piece of dry, techy, broken beats fused with Basic Channel’esque deepness and Pole-like, echoic offbeats that works advanced dancefloors – no matter if dedicated to Dubstep, Electronica or others – perfectly in the early morning hours, „Over Here“ comes up with an overwhelmingly beautiful, partly droney intro that in its intensity somehow reminds me of older, beatless Metamatics-records and progresses into restless, ever buidling but still halftempo Dubstep, once again accompanied by wallshaking basslines and processed, sorta bleepy offbeat sounds. Highly recommended and defo one that’ll stick in my box for ages.


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