Monday, February 04, 2008

Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive [DefJam / Syndicated Rhythm Records]

Surprisingly Rock-flavored is Rihanna's new single "Shut Up And Drive" which has been put out on the promo circuit recently via DefJam / Syndicated Rhythm Records. Although this one will stick in the consumers ears for a while it's not as unnerving as here awful "Umbrella" which - for what reason ever - went Top10 in the last years revival polls of several german music magazines. But leaving the radio versions alone as the best thing about this 12" by far is the delivered rework by Eddie Craig and Jim Sullivan better known as The Wideboys, a quite commercial but still banging ElectroHouse version running for 6:36 minutes that is about to send all glitz crew mental. Speed that one up to +4 or 5 and I bet all Niche-lovers will get the point as well.


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