Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shackleton feat. Tenfold Vengeance – Death Is Not Final [Skull Disco 009 Promo]

What a great piece of music! Shackleton steps back from the Dubstep / MythStep-vibe and unfolds a new, still mystical and ancient, style with this one. Based upon a slow, deep straight 4/4 bassdrum and multilayered natural percusssions „Death Is Not Final“ creates a damp, dangerous athmosphere and seems to be more score’esque than anything Shackleton ever released to date due to several vocal samples of indian or african (?) origin and dark soundscapes waving in and out as the tune progresses. Names like the mid nineties Technova or Loop Guru come to mind and if you know what we’re talking here you’re clearly recommended to check this one out. On the flip „Death Is Not Final“ is reworked by Berlin-based producer T++ which is associated with the Monolake- / Dynamo-camp. His remix transforms the tune into a nice piece of Electronica, takes away the 4/4 and comes up with what seems to be a half bar loop built of re-processed percussion sounds instead. This beat structures for sure is not easy and necessarily dancefloor fitting but anyhow a good one, so once again this Skull Disco-release has to be filed as a must have.


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