Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Robert Owens - Night-Time Stories [Compost Records]

There are not many album's to be found these days that are making upfront waves as huge as Robert Owens' new longplayer "Night-Time Stories" , which is scheduled for release via Compost Records on february 22th. Interviews and cover stories in all important music magazines - at least in Germany - revealed his history to all those who are too young to know about this man who is one of the main voices and at least main influences that shaped House music from the very beginning, naming the year 1986 for his first vinyl release. Working with an endless list of collaboration partners has established Robert Owens as a major force within the past two decades and this concept works as well for his new album that features tracks produced by the likes of Ian Pooley, Atjazz, Kirk Degiorgio, TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - last mentioned responsible for the most anthemic and ecstatic piece of music on the album - only to name a few plus one completely self-produced track. But for sure it is Mr. Owens special vocal delivery that shapes the music, no matter if the base is more Minimal flavored, a classic oldskool House vibe, DeepHouse or even an epic but abstract, string-loaden, 'troity vibe like Kirk Degiorgio's "No Tomorrow". Utterly flawless and one to stand the test of time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Baze,

our contribution to the album IS out on 12":

best wishes!

9:33 AM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

that's why i corrected that - somehow i missed that release...

7:02 PM  

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