Monday, April 07, 2008

Various Artists – Raw Essentials Part 1 & 2 [Raw Elements Promo]

Does anyone out here still remembers Steve Bug’s first ever label, the 1995 established Raw Elements-imprint? No? Now a glimpse to the past is possible with these two 12“es that feature a whole of six visionary and sought after tracks from the Raw Elements back catalogue as there are Steve Bug’s „Rhodes Flash“, Vincenzo’s „My Vibrations“ and Supalova’s „All Night“, another moniker of Mr. Brügesch’s early days, on Part 1 whilst Russ Gabriels’ remix of Steve Bug’s „Honeymoon“, Les Rhytmes Digitales re-cut of „Drives Me Up The Wall“ plus Vincenzo „At Throb“ are to be found on Part 2. All tracks are of a vibrant, timeless beauty and functionality that is rarely found in these days productions but reminds us of how stripped down to the bone House music was – and still should be – responsible for an endless stream of happy moments on the dancefloor, when we were young, our bodies were sweaty and our eyes luckily met with the eyes of unknown strangers, smiled and instantly knew that we were all one under one groove. If there’s still hope for electronic music these six tracks will be played out for now and ever – not for retro or nostalgia reasons but fort he simple fact that there’s still DJ’s out there feeling the same as we did in past times, doing it for the music and for the groove and not for drugs, fame and „3 Tage Wach“. Top notch.


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