Friday, March 28, 2008

Sascha Müller vs. Nightnoise - North-West Alliance Vol. 03 [Super Six Records 030]

One of the rarest Techno records released these days is 030 of Super Six Records, released in a limited edition of only 37 handcut pieces worldwide as triangle-shaped seethrough lathe cut 8". Despite the sound of lathe cuts is different to vinyl both tracks - "Silent Groove (Sascha Müller Acid Mix)" and "Another Way" by Nightnoise - deliver proper floor fodder: first mentioned track brings back the uptempo madness and dancefloor ecstasy of underground Acid / Techno raves with thrilling 303-lines and hard, driving beats whilst the flipside deals with a slower, more tribalistic side of Techno which will be loved by those appreciating labels like Monoid or producers like Oliver Ho. Some spooky samples are to be found here too for a bit of sepcial spicy flava. Look out for before its too little late.


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