Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thomas Christoph Heyde - High Culture Motherfucker [Phantomnoise Records 014 / HCMF Records 001]

With its 14th release - which is, in CD-format and with two additional tracks, 001 of the artists own label HCMF Records - Leipzig's highly appreciated imprint Phantomnoise Records totally leaves the electronic dance floor alone and focuses on a new musical direction with Thomas Christoph Heyde's full-length album "High Culture Motherfucker" which, according to the albums subtitle, presents "Works For Instruments And Live Electronics", e.g. compositions for piano, 4 percussionists, turntable and liveelectronics. Using the term composition instead of track or tune implicates that the music to be found here belongs to what is the so-called "new music" or "avantgarde music" that is performed in festivals or concert halls all over the world - Thomas Christoph Heyde played in classy places like this in Berlin, Boston or Zürich already, but at the same time performs in more underground venues as there are UT Connewitz or Ilse's Erika in his hometown Leipzig. Musicwise his work - sometimes score'esque with Film Noir'ish ambience, sometimes spooky and sometimes exploding into hectic clusters of Noise and nervous crescendos - is not easy to get, but needs a bit of listening experience to fully unfold within all its great details and various layers of instruments as e.g. the multi-layered flute in "Fernen", but will also impress the unexperienced listener with his high density and enormous suspense. Recommended to both.


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