Wednesday, June 04, 2008

J Garrett - The Throwback Tactic [Super 6 Records 032]

U still love the Acid? Then it's about time to check out cat.No. 032 of Super 6 Records, which is "The Throwback Tactic" straight out of the studio of J Garrett. Expect tweaking, twisting 303-lines everywhere and in any form: on top of banging Techno or classic Elektro beats, minimalistic or slightly psychedelic as well as inna Emmanuel Top'esque, quite AcidTrance-flavored way that'll put you in a Trance for sure while you're mind drifts away into endless realms when you're located on the dancefloor. Defo recommended to all true Acid headz out there and about to be filed as future classic soon.


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