Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What A Night...

Last nights "In 2 Headz"-show at Hamburgs Meaniebar was quite a fun one, followed by a night out that caused a heavy hangover your favorite DJ is still suffering from although the time I'm writing this is wednesday 00:13 a.m. . The place was well crowded - no, that does not mean jam-packed but obviously no one expects that on a monday night - and punters obviously enjoyed my eclectic freestyle selection of Downtempo, Headz and mutant or leftfield HipHop spiced up with some oldskool'ish Reggae and Dub by the likes of The Icebreakers w/ The Diamonds or Jah Shaka. Felix Kubin was dropping by, too, which I hadn't seen in ages so I was glad to meet him again.

A group of young men hailing from Ingolstadt were the last ones at the bar as we closed around 02:30 a.m., asking about another place to go which is a question not easy to answer even in Hamburg which is the second biggest city in Germany. As they seemed to be nice and I had planned to go there anyway I offered them to roll with me to a place named Komet, one of my favorite bars in town and a place I more or less regularly hang out for more than a decade now, longer than I even live here, plus a place that one will defo not find as recommended place to be in any tourist guide - as long as you don't roll with locals you won't even see it. Drinks were downed and I changed choices from beer to gin tonic, time went by quickly and after Komet closed its doors a while we found ourselves at the counter of the Cobra Bar for more chat and drinks and as far as I remember I left that place heavily drunk around 06:15 a.m. , which isn't the best way to start a week - but a fun one anyway.

And talking long time no sees - Mark G.E. of Milwaukee's Cyberchump, another one I haven't met for about a year or more, stopped by at Otaku Records today to give me a copy of their newest release "Our Wizards Of Earth", so expect a review of that soon.

Plus - shouts to Stephen and Xania of Trike for this blog entry on their myspace.


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