Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a list...

...of classic 7"es I bought today:

Chron Gen - Outlaw [Secret Records / 1982]
A-Heads - Forgotten Hero [Bluurg Records / 1983]
X-ray Apex - I Am A Cliche [Virgin Records / 1977]
Crass - Sheep Farming In The Falklands [Crass Records]
Crass - Nagasaki Nightmare / Big A Little A [Crass Records]
Crass - Reality Asylum / Shaved Women [Crass Records]
Crass - How Does It Feel [Crass Records]
Hazell Dean - Searchin [Bellaphon / 1983]

Seems that my new love for PostPunk and other old, more experimental stuff is steadily growing and the deeper I dig the more there is to discover for someone who was brought up on a diet of AcidHouse and other electronic stuff since the age of 8 in 1986. The more stuff from that past era I listen to the more impressed am I by that massive energy and musical creativity that is provided by those, mostly underground records. Guess it won't take too long 'til this comes out as a new style to DJ for me as I'm defo planning to broaden my musical spectrum when it comes to spinning records and have spun some PostPunk / (No)Wave / etc.-sets already and got some good reactions on that.


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