Saturday, September 06, 2008

Isotop & Shots feat. The Phalanx - Assembler / Budoka - Ather [Tilt Recordings 009 Promo]

Yes, Mannheim's Tilt Recordings unleashed their release number 009 recently and once again they're consequently tearing up dancefloors with their very own and clearly focused vision of Drum'n'Bass or Techno Drum'n'Bass as they like to call it. Obviously Isotop & Shots feat. the Phalanx' "Assembler" featured on side A perfectly matches with their vision as it is - structurewise - more LoopTechno than Drum'n'Bass although the beat is still a broken one. The tracks tension results only out of the addition, subtraction and change of looped elements in a continuos mode and doesn't care about huge build ups or big breakdowns so much. This is a plain and simple DJ-tool and I presume that it's not too far away that Tilt Recordings are providing a set of 180 bpm-locked groove discs instead of tracks to the masses. Although check out "Assembler"'s athmospheric outro that makes clear that they've been thinking closely about what to do or not. Budoka's "Aether" on the flip once again showcases his ongoing development within the sub-genre of so-called NeuroFunk - this time starting things off on a deep tip and progressing into a clean and sparse piece of technoid breakbeat funk that learnt its lesson well from the blueprint album of this genre - we talkin' "Wormhole" 'ere - and delivering a proper 2008 update of its initial thought and structure. Well done.


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