Friday, October 31, 2008

Adultnapper - Duration E.P. [Audiomatique Recordings 035 Promo]

One to check out for all lovers of the deeper shades of so-called Minimal Techno is Adultnappper's forthcoming "Duration E.P." which is 035 of Audiomatique Recordings. "Madeleine", already teased on Steve Bug's "Bugnology 3" compilation, on the A-side seems to be a bit tool'ish at first but develops into a nice late night tune with featuring a lot of sweet, trippy and hypnotic sound wizzardry as the tune progresses - maybe not your obvious peaktime choice but drop this one at 5.30 a.m. and see what happens. On the flip there's "One Room" in its original version and remixed by Gregor Tresher. Whilst the original mix provides a warm, organic feel balancing on the thin line between melodious Minimal Techno and modern, contemporary DeepHouse, Gregor Tresher's version adds a more metallic and forward pushing flavor, some sharp hi-hats and kinda happy, more active hookline that fits well for buzzing crowds.


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