Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shackleton - El Din (Part One) / Mordant Music - Olde Wobbly [Mordant Music 024]

Mordant Music is back on track with another excellent 10". MythStep-ambassador Sam Shackleton explores the realms of ritual bass music with his "El Din (Part One)", a tune that seems to be deeper than anything else that left his - now Berlin-based - studio before. Still there's the tribal drums, still there is the mystical feel and massive amounts of bass we all loved in Shackleton's music, but things have changed as the music seems to be stripped down to less elements and the dancefloor is farther away than ever. It takes DJ's with guts to play this out to a bubbling crowd but if they'll get it they'll totally love it. On the flip there's Mordant Music bringing up "Olde Wobbly" which is not your usual Jump'n'Dubstep as one might expecty from the titles name but a fusion of Trance-induced Electronica, a bit of Ritual Industrial and Dubstep-influenced bassline abuse that well stands out from what you find on other discs these days. Recommended for being good.


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