Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sonnenbrandt - Gestern [Anna Logue Records / Kernkrach / NLW]

Whoever talks of the Hamburg-based project Sonnenbrandt and their recently released album "Gestern" can't do this without mentioning SynthWave and NDW (short for: Neue Deutsche Welle) as obvious influences - the last mentioned a german Pop phenomenon that lasted from around 1976 up to the mid-80s focusing on the use of raw, part time abstract German lyrics accompanied by mainly cold synthetic rhythms and sounds. The artists of these times were partly reffering to the UK-based (New) Wave but developed a style of their own which remained underground for a while and, as soon it was discovered by major record companies, died in the mid 80's of a burn out after a few years of commercial uber-hype. Whatever happened back then, Sonnenbrandt are happening now and they're bringing back these days again, with a tongue in cheek and a twinkling eye, satisfying those looking for fun and happyness the same as more nerdy, intellectual types as some of their lyrics are, if read correctly, going deeper than one might think at the first glimpse. Defo one to check out and as we talk checking here - check out their myspace as well...


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