Monday, March 23, 2009

DJ Maxximus [MG77 Recordings 008]

DJ Maxximus is back on track with his new 12" on his own imprint MG77 Recordings and although I don't feel his tunes "Neo" and "Israhell" too much I still recommend this one as we've the mighty Sam Shackleton delivering a massive rework named "Shackleton's Neo Bln Rmx" on the B-side that once again proves why he is to be referred to as true master of MythStep. This time his tribal-influenced work starts on a quite hectic and uptempo tip and evolves into a deeper, more minimalistic and stripped down to the bone structure the further the tune progresses. This for sure is a remarkable point as it inverts common production structures in electronic music that tend to climax towards the end and unveals a new option different to those used before. Is this the de-climaxation of sound?


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