Monday, March 30, 2009

On And On / Hot Boys [HOTBIZ 001]

This Dubstep meets R'n'B'-flavored 10" transferring Erykah Badu and MIssy Elliott into a new context caught my attention lately and is defo one to be mentioned here although it does not deliver primetime material but some late night tunes that might even be the last ones to be played out after a proper night, sending punters home safely. Both tunes are going deep and will open the ladies hearts easily without being too cheesy - played out at the right point of the night "Hot Boys" will even be loved by all those hardcore underground types as the combination of seductive vocals hooks and some decent, slightly wobbling bassline is catchy as fuck. Will anyone please play that on any mainstream radio station, coze this tune is one of the best moments in Pop music for ages.


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