Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Remixes Volume 2 [Dessous Classics 002 Promo]

Dessous Recordings unleashed 002 of their Dessous Classics-series these days that brings some of their back catalogue favorites back to the dancefloor, refreshed and reworked by contemporary remixers as there are Two Armadillos, Kevin Yost and Gruber & Nürnberg involved this time with their hands on tunes by The Discowboys - that's Steve Bug and Vincenzo -, Phonique and Cassy's Tracks And The City-moniker. The Two Armadillo's remix of "To The Mountain Top" is the one tune to win the race here as this one is and has been a classic House music anthem as we all love it - stripped down, raw and thrilling - while the other reworks are still good, but more of a tool'ish kind.


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