Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bodymovin - Good Time [We Love This 001]

We Love This - a new label for what is called ElectroHouse these days has put its 001 on the promo circuit recently which is Bodymovin's "Good Times". Responsible for this alias are DJ Friction of Freundeskreis- and Thomilla of Turntable Rockers-fame, somehow paying respect to the likes of Lil' Louis - yes, some of the chords seem to be taken of "French Kiss"- and serving their version or vision of contempaorary dancefloor music. Unfortunately this vision is shared by many producers these days that rely on the same glitzy sounds over and over again so this one, although a proper one, doesn't really manage to stick out of the flood of releases appearing daily in each and every record store - it's a bit too formulaic and even Martinez' pumping, House-flavored and kinda tribalistic remix on the flip side isn't really able to change that.


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