Friday, April 03, 2009

Isis - Wavering Radiant [Conspiracy Records]

Listening to Isis' fifth studio album, entitled "Wavering Radiant" and due to be released via Conspiracy Records on april 24th for the second time while writing this review I've clearly gotta admit that I'm not that impressed, at least not that impressed as I was when listening to their 2006-released "The Absence Of Truth". Although it is what I'd name as a solid piece of art it seems like mixing Aaron Turner's vocals more to the front and working on melodical complexities equals with taking away the more radical aspects of Isis' music. That does not mean that they've turned Pop in any matter but "Wavering Radiant" is more accessible than any of their former albums. Time will tell if that's good or bad but still this album is one to be checked out and one of those albums that gets better and better as time passes by.


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