Monday, April 27, 2009


Just a brief recap of the last days.

Playing @ the 5th birthday celebration fest of Hamburg's Lockengelöt store was a pretty weird experience. Technically starting with the lack of monitors and musicwise having the DJ before me playing a mixed set of 50's, 60's and Swing music to a swingin' crowd. Switching to the sound I was booked for - Disco and ItaloDisco - wasn't the easiest thing to do and not necessarily appreciated by many. But what to do? I was quite happy that Carsten of Lockengelöt took over after a while so I got a little spoilt and decided to carry my box home from Hafenklang to Ottensen where I live. Not the best idea ever.

Recovery. Spent a view hours in the suburbs l8r speading stickers, than headed off to Sommersalon where I expected my mate Rhino Soulsystem to be on the decks. He wasn't, so it was off to Molotow / Meaniebar where I eventually met Svenja & her mate Birdie. So the night was spent drinkig beer & having a nice chat.

Sleeping for ages, then heading off to Molotow again where I had to play a support set for Holy Fuck and It Hugs Back. Place wasn't that packed but I guess the set was quite appreciated. Holy Fuck on stage were massive. Guess I'll do that kind of support sets more often in the future as it is totally different from playing to a club crowd and one can get deeper into the realms of experimentalism which is interesting. Maybe like a bit of teaching them folks about unheard and rare sounds and sligtly broaden their view on music, getting them into stuff they haven't been aware of yet.


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