Friday, September 11, 2009

Road Trip Stories

Just arrived in Erlangen for tonite's DJ-gig @ E-Werk a short while ago after being stuck in a quite heavy traffic jam caused by a bicycle accident and now there's the story of last nite to tell before taking a nap.
Rosenkeller in Jena where the whole crew of The Dance Inc., Juri Gagarin, Das Audiolith and me, baze.djunkiii, played to a small but good crowd yesterday is a very nice historical - that means 700+ years old indeed - basement vault with incredibly strange acoustics and partly confused, but always friendly staff. Strange acoustics means: if you play there as a DJ you're always puzzled by the sound of your monitor mixing up with echoes from the main P.A. that, of course delayed, hits back from the other side of the room which makes proper mixing quite uncomfortable and playing live not easier. Lars Lewerenz a.k.a. Das Audiolith was up for the warm-up set hammering several tracks from the recent "Doin' Our Thing" compilation amongst others, The Dance Inc. made changes in their tracklist for good and (ab)used me as their light jockey - sth. I haven't ever done before - , a job I continued to do while Juri Gagarin set the crowd on fire with a nice mixture of old and unreleased songs from their forthcoming album "Cobra". Right after starting my set someone from the club appeared asking about closing times, saying they had a contract running our party up to 2.00 a.m. while our scheduled said different. Due to that they hadn't announced the whole thing as club event but as concert only so a lot of people had left right after the live gigs, not knowing that there was more to come. Sad, but what can man do? Anyway - met a lot of nice ppl, my friend Mareike which I hadn't seen in years and her sister came by, Tina made the way from Erfurt (sorry for disappearing...) and a few ravers really into the sound we played. We're coming back.
Before hitting our hotel rooms the whole lot of us plus our driver Stina which is on the road with the DJ-team while the bands are on a car of their own - Säge's legendary "Cobra" - had like a little parking lot party in front of the hotel with local beer and a bottle of Tullamore Dew invlvd, but what happened there in detail is about to stay in the closet. Now of to sleep, refreshing for tonite's set.


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