Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Acid Washed - General Motors, Detroit, America / Snake [Record Makers]

All of you DJ's who like to cross borders between uber-glitzy, slow motion House music and a genre that's named Cosmic or (Neo)Cosmic these days are recommended to check out Acid Washed's recent 12" released via Record Makers featuring the two tracks "General Motors, Detroit, America" and "Snake". Whilst the first mentioned is a nothing but epic excursion in synth-driven space music in it's original version, we see Blackstrobe serving a more uptempo, partly Italo'esque re-fix that's well fitting amongs tracks like DMX Krew's "Come To Me" or Morgan Geist's "Most Of All". "Snake" on the flip plays around with kinda Grime- / UK Urban-influenced beats, more epic synth arrangements and dark, seductive female vocals clearly referring to Björk as well as to the new school of highly appreciated female artists / vocalists that've been breaking in through in 2008/2009. Gavin Russom is on remix duties here and serves a spiralling 4/4 House (Not House) interpretation that will be well-appreciated in electronic clubs as well as on Indie dancefloors all over the place. Nice.


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