Sunday, January 31, 2010

Road Trip Failure: Alte Zuckerfabrik / Rostock

First of all I'm sending out apologies to all ravers that made their way out through the snow to Alte Zuckerfabrik in Rostock tonite, expecting a Plutonium Pogo-night featuring Dadajugend Polyform live, plus Krink and me, baze.djunkiii, on the decks. Here's what happened, at least to Krink and me - I hope Dadajugend Polyform will post some kind of a statement soon.

Around 13.30 I've been hanging on the phone with Martin, the local promoter of the night, who was very sceptical about how many people would show up coze Rostock had been hit by heavy snow the night before and the public transport system was not running due to that. But we agreed on that the bunch of us should hit the road in Hamburg around 14.30 anyway and that he would be waiting for us from 17oo onwards, although I told him that we probably wouldn't arrive before 19oo as there was no proper forecast to the state of the streets. As we had finally made it to Alte Zuckerfabrik after nearly 4 hours on the road there was no sign of life at the club, the yard was deeply covered with snow and as I rang the bell of the only door showing a bit of light I met some strange youngsters telling us that the promoter had been there at around 17oo, told them that there would be no show and left without telling them more. We tried to bell him but he wouldn't answer his mobile, so we were gutted and forced to turn around, going back on the road to Hamburg. That's our part of the story and for me there's no second chance for Alte Zuckerfabrik. Not playing there again, not dealing with this promoter again.


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