Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ryo Murakami - Just For This [Dessous Recordings 092 Promo]

All lovers of the so-called (Detroit) Beatdown, a specific sound that could be described as similar to pitched down DeepHouse to someone not familiar with this musical term, are highly recommended to watch out for Ryo Murakami's latest outing on Dessous Recordings which is called "Just For This". The orginal version on B1 is slow, deep and features some heavily pumpin' and stompin' bassdrums accompanied by classic chords - a mixture that always works best in small, dark and red'ish connaisseur clubs - whilst Graeme Clark's rework on A1 sticks close to the original tempo but transforms the tune soundwise into a more modern, contemporary format which has been called the new school of DeepHouse quite often in 2009. B2 is a tune entitled "Untitled" which is on a classic House tip, uplifting, hypnotic and uptempo, with some sparkling chords and vocal samples glimpsing through every few bars - a nice bit that'll be surely played out regularly by House music experts throughout the next months.


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