Friday, March 05, 2010

Donnacha Costello - Before We Say Goodbye [Poker Flat Recordings]

Announced for release on march 15th via Poker Flat Recordings is "Before We Say Goodbye", the new longplay album out of the studio of irish producer Donnacha Costello - the man behind labels like Look Long and Minimise, the latter especially known for the highly acclaimed conceptual "Colourseries" introducing a new sound somewhere in between hypnotizing Minimal Techno and the warm, melodic vision of so-called (Neo)Trance. Being a man of conceptual work the basic idea behind "Before We Say Goodbye" is a limitation of sound sources, using - apart from software used for drum processing - only three pieces of outboard equipment: Roland SH-101, Sequential Circuits Prohet 5 Rev2 and New England Digital Synclavier II. But these pieces are more than enough when used by the right hands and so the musical vision served on this album surely embraces the infamous "Colourseries" sound and crossbreeds it with Armchair Techno, sweet seductive melodies and evident influences of House Music. The result is an album that well works in residential areas, on car stereos and club environments albeit none of these tracks are really fitted for peak time use. But in the hands of well experienced jocks working crowds of true music lovers in smaller specialists venues each single track is able to open ppls hearts and to brighten up their life for at least a few minutes. Musicwise this is not the typical Poker Flat-release but defo one that's nearly impossible to dislike.


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