Monday, March 15, 2010

A Light @ The End Of The Dubstep Tunnel?

Those of you following these pages regularly surely have recognized that I've been more than sceptical about the recent state of Dubstep scene but these days I've seen a bit of light @ the end of tunnel. First of all there's the double-A-side 12" of Eprom and Eskmo put on the circuit via Warp as their 228 which is surely a remarkable piece of music. The next one to check out these days is the "Nu Levels E.P." by both Dark Garage- / Sublow-pioneers J Da Flex and El-B on the reactivated Ghost Recordings which is now alive als Ghost Recordings Thriller Funk with its first release. If you loved their output back in the days you'll love this one as well as it perfectly transfers the stripped down minimal feel into 2010 half tempo.
And finally there's one undiscovered talent to mention - Hamburg-based Jay Spyda handed some unreleased tracks to me just for getting some feedback and those are way more fresh than most of the Dubstep 12"es I've come across throughout the last months or even year. Someone's gotta check this guy out.


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