Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sascha Müller - Untitled [Pharmacom Records 030]

It's quite rare these days that one receives a promotional piece of music that is released on tape / cassette and it's even more rare that a release is able to puzzle the one about to review it like this one does. Reason one is the as Pharamcom Records, which is releasing digital formats most of the times, has already reached 60+ digits so I'm not sure whether this one has been postponed for ages or if this is an older release I haven't come across yet. Reason two is: the music. What's to be found on the A-side is a steady bass drone, maybe a low frequency sine wave, accompanied by a few swampy Ambient flavored sounds shimmering through, like a field recording focusing on sounds super far far away with an overall loudness level next to zero so I had to turn up my system quite high to even hear a thing properly. Recording error? I dunno. On the flip the sound quality is much better and we see Sascha Müller experimenting with static Noise and Drones in a - surprise! - very calm and nearly ruminant way. Deep listening music for experts, which is limited to only 30 copies world wide.


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